LARUS Pharma, which was established in 1994, is a successful company that produces and distributes health products.   
In January 2013, it became a part of Iridiem Group S.A., which owns  IRIDIEM Pharma S.r.l.

LARUS Pharma offers a wide range of innovative products that combine patented microcapsule technology and traditional remedies such as pure and natural essential oils.

Thanks to its European Patent and the Cer'8 ® brand, which was initially created for mosquito repellents and later extended to other applications, LARUS Pharma has achieved international success.

LARUS Pharma products are sold in pharmacies and the large-scale retail sector in Italy through its network of specialized agents in the various channels. It also does business with select exclusive distributors on international markets.
  • LARUS Pharma srl

  • Via Bragadino 2 - 20144 Milano
  • P.IVA. 10066300152

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